The most notable shift to RuneScape includes a brand new



The most notable shift to RuneScape includes a brand new, re-designed user interface. The Backpack bar is gone, along with the icons now hug the bounds of whatever device you are currently playing on. The layout of the battle buttons have been enhanced, and that means you have less clutter in the way while fighting.I can tell you how each button has transferred or how some menus have been corrected, but just take my word on this. They've adjusted the UI for us cellular gamers, and we will not have to wait too long before Historical Access.I was lucky enough to find time with Jason, Milena, a Jagex worker who is in charge of getting Runescape onto mobile. Below is a transcript of this conversation we had about RuneScape making its way. What facet of RuneScape needed the tweaking to Early Access from the Beta? "That are the consumer interfaces. Bringing a sport that was powerful on PC isn't quite as easy as you might think. Players socialize with the 2 devices in ways, so it makes sense for the consumer interfaces to accommodate a different type of interaction. Is how can we make items that are interactable clear to these players? The PC has a mouse that allows for different cursor types for these interactable products. Conveying this to users mobile is a totally different challenge." Were you worried that the cellular version of RuneScape will lose its magic? "In short, no. I joined the group when Old School RuneScape was in Beta, so I'm brand new to Jagex. But when you play any one of the many MMORPGs, every has their own feeling. RuneScape has a feeling like no other MMORPG out there, therefore it was critical we get that feeling across to cellular." Any last words for your readers? "Yes, I wish to say be patient. The sport is currently entering Historical Access and we constantly hear the comments from the neighborhood. If you'd like to discover more about RuneScape coming to mobile you can check out the site. More OSRS gold information on

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