Great New Updates! 04 Jan 18


Whats new?

You are now able to add Types and Versions to your server which will be used to explain what your server is about in more simple detail.
Examples of TypesNo-P2W, PvP, PvE  or maybe even PvE-Only...You are able to add 10 Types and should be used to add searchable terms like the examples i have given.

Versions has already been implemented a long time ago but you are now also able to add Versions that dont already exist in the selectable list of Versions.
Versions should only be used to show which version of the game your server is compatable with.
Examples of VersionsV1.1Wrath of The Lich King, V90Legion.

So why should you add this?

Some of the Versions and Types you add will become searchable from both the website and Google which means more players to your site.
For an example: if you have a World of Warcraft server and you add the Type PvP, your site will now show in our custom list for World of Warcraft servers with the PvP type.
You will now receive more potential players from both Gtop100 and Google that are interessted in PvP.