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  • rocky labonite
  • admin rien
  • Luis Machado
    Category :MapleStory     Job Type :Design & HTML

    Posted By : Luis Machado

    Job skills : CODER / WZ EDIT / DESIGNER / BUILDER,Or any of those.
  • Humid FlyFF
  • Humid FlyFF
  • LunarMS MS
    Category :MapleStory     Job Type :GameMaster

    Posted By : LunarMS MS

    Job skills : Please see forums
  • Windia MS
    Category :MapleStory     Job Type :Developer

    Posted By : Windia MS

    Job skills : Passion for developing,Server side,Client side
  • Alejandro Ignacio
    Category :World of Warcraft     Job Type :GameMaster

    Posted By : Alejandro Ignacio

    Job skills : Compromiso,Responsabilidad,Ser mayor de 18 años,Conocimiento de World of Warcraft,Excelente dicción y escritura,Tiempo disponible de al menos 3 horas al día,Conexión estable a Internet en el hogar,Disponer de PC y headset o similares, en buenas condiciones
  • Netherspite Company
  • Netherspite Company
  • Florian Wickenburg
    Category :World of Warcraft     Job Type :tester

    Posted By : Florian Wickenburg

    Job skills : Mind. 16 Jahre alt,Speilerfahrung,Selbstständigkeit,Lernfähigkeit,Bereitschaft sich in Systeme, Themen und Mechaniken einzuarbeiten,regelmäßige Zeit fürs Testen,Teamspeak 3-Client und funktionierendes Headset
  • James Walden
    Category :MapleStory     Job Type :Designer

    Posted By : James Walden

    Job skills : Knowledge of GFX design,CSS knowledge
  • James Walden
  • Memoria Flyff
  • Memoria Flyff
    Category :Flyff     Job Type :GameMaster

    Posted By : Memoria Flyff

    Job skills : Game experience,German / English knowledge,Minimum age 18 years old
  • rhinne maplestory
  • Netherspite Company
    Category :World of Warcraft     Job Type :Developer

    Posted By : Netherspite Company

    Job skills : Cmangos Core Developer,Fix issue's and bugs in the core,Loyal & Teamplayer,Communication skills (Discord & Forum)
  • Tarlo Games
  • Wistful Ms
    Category :MapleStory     Job Type :GameMaster

    Posted By : Wistful Ms

    Job skills : Must have previous experience with either being a GameMaster with hosting events and moderation.,As for GFX Artist's you will need to show a portfolio of your work
  • Noam Eyal